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haksan machine rock breakers for all brands (7)
haksan machine rock breakers for all brands (4)

HMG Hydraulic Rock Breaker

HGM Hydraulic Rock Breakers are producted 100% in domestic way by Haksan Machine.

HGM Hydraulic Rock Breakers were producted in accordance with Europe standards with 25 years accumulation of experience and are guaranteed 1 year by Haksan Machine.

HGM hydraulic rock breakers’s having special design of external chassis protects your breaker part and provides you to operate without interruption. The machines serve in different workplace you such as underwaters and tunnels.

HGM Hydraulic Rock Breakers have 24 hours uninterrupted service opportunity and give spare parts’s guarentee for satisfying of customer.

Rock Breaker Piston

Materials used in producing Pistons has quality in Euroean standarts and all types of pistons belonging all brands of rcok breakers are existed in our company’s stock. Our porducts are 1 year guaranteed.

Rock Breaker Chisel

 Inserts that are perfectly suitable for each brand and model in original dimensions can be manufactured. In addition, the hydraulic rock breakers’ terminations’ irrigation and the process of tempering is carried out by professional staff.

Rock Breaker Cylinder

All cylinders belonging to the hydraulic rock breaker and models are in our stock. Also the middle cylinders belonging to hydraulic rock breakers can be supplied in a short time.

Rock Breaker Thrust Bush

All front bushings, centering bushings and stand bushings belonging to the hydraulic rock breaker models are available in our stock.Bushing materials contain corrosion resistant elements such as nickel, manganese, etc.. In this way, hydraulic rock breakers bushes continue to work for longer wear without ablation.

Rock Breaker Through Bolt

Materials used in our stud manufacturing, as in the piston equipments, are made of 4340 kind of materials. We maximized the work time of height and the side cage studs’ toothed rack with special technology.

Rock Breaker Polyurethane Pads

Polyurethane Pads seem to play an important role in hydraulic rock breaker systems. Haksan Machinery formed the analysis of the vibration mountings’ original material and the new mountings of the hydraulic rock breakers are produced in the original quality.

Hydraulics Rock Breakers

HMG Rock Breakers were produced in the harshest and most difficult excavation conditions, as a result of 20 years of experience. This new generation of hydraulic rock breaker, is suitable for all excavators. During the creation of the breakers, construction sector’s knowhow and the customer demands from various countries were taken into consideration and HMG hydraulic rock breakers have been produced by using machinery sector’s all the technical superiority.

Rock Breaker Pin Set

All pin set material of hydraulic rock breakers from a special material are produced for you by compressing high temperature (forging system) with a system more resistant to impact and abrasion.

Rock Breaker Repair Kit

The original repair kits belongs to each brand and model are available from stock.

“Today, Haksan Machine raises all services level and grows its capacity for extent at global marketplace.


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